Fresh Air Package

Cooling/Heating Package

The Cooling/Heating Package (CHP) is a packaged DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) from Temprite. This unit is the product of over 6 years of research and development and was designed from the ground up to fully comply with the ventilation standards set forth in ASHRAE 62.1. Compliance with this standard is a prerequisite for LEED certification. The CHP is a modular unit that contains many features that historically were only available in custom units.

  • Our exclusive DHTD™ (Digital High Turn Down) burner (Patent Pending) with turn-down ratios up to 50 to 1. The most energy efficient indirect fired burner available.
  • Powerful plenum fan section that can produce up to 6"wg of static pressure. Long duct runs are no problem for the CHP.
  • MERV 7 filters standard with MERV 15 filters available for providing fresh clean ventilation air to your building.
  • Up to 6 rows of DX coil. These coils are essential to insure that the air you bring in to your building is cool and dry.
  • Patented TracRite™ DDC controls that are BACnet, LON, N2, and modbus compatible
  • Up to 60 tons of DX cooling capacity utilizing the environmentally friendly 410A refrigerant.
  • Available re-heat coil option enables neutral air while complying with ASHRAE 90.1.