TFL: A Heating/Cooling Outdoor Air Unit

Heating/Cooling Outdoor Air Unit

Small cost. Big results. The TFL.
Temprite knew that casing materials, controls, even basic cabinet design would have to be unique to this new breed of equipment. So we turned to consulting engineers to develop the key functional features of the TFL.

The heart of the TFL is the standard plenum fan that allows the unit to generate up to 5.8 inches of total static pressure at up to 14,000 cfm. The fan assembly can be isolated from the rest of the unit and virtually eliminate transfer of any vibration to the building.

The brain of the TFL is the DDC control system, which manages all of the unit functions, including control of the optional VFD, with digital precision and reliability. The TFL offers several control schemes and the advanced control panel can even be accessed and operated via the internet.

Flexible: TFL options
3 cabinet sizes with nominal maximum cooling capacities of 20, 40, and 60 tons of 95/77 degree air. Air delivery ranges from 1,500 cfm to 14,000 cfm. Gas heating options range from 160,000 btuh output to 480,000 btuh output. Cabinet heights range from a low 36 inches to 60 inches.