TAP Series Air Turnover System

Series Air Turnover System

'Air Turnover Systems' is a designation describing a unique class of commercial and industrial heating or heating equipment used to condition large spaces.

The Air Turnover principle eliminates air stratification in heated buildings with open spaces. It does this by recirculating hot air which becomes trapped at the ceiling. This is accomplished by removing colder layers which maintain the thermal barrier responsible for the problem.

Large volume air movement turns the room air over 1 to 5 times each hour. Continuous air circulation then thoroughly mixes the air to maintain uniform room temperature.

This uniform room temperature eliminates the possibility of condensation forming on stored materials because of uneven room temperature. Cold air from open doors in shipping and receiving areas becomes less of a problem with an Air Turnover unit. Temperature recovery is almost instantaneous after doors are closed.

TAP units have nominal heating capacities from 350,000 to 6,000,000 BTUH and air handling capacities from 6,600 to 150,000 CFM.